Paros and Antiparos are located on the Aegean Sea, in the middle of the Cyclades. They have a great position, therefore there are several ways to get to the islands.
The most comfortable and time-saving option is to take an airplane from Athens Venizelos International Airport to Paros, with a travel duration of only 30 minutes.
There is also an option of taking an inland flight to Mykonos and continuing your journey by a vessel to Paros. In this case the ride is only 40 minutes.
If you or your guests love to smell the sea breeze and read a book on a sunny deck, taking a ferry from Αthens, the capital city of Greece is the best option. There are two main ports in Athens: Piraeus and Rafina. The ferry ride takes around 3-6 hours, depending on the ferry company and their schedule.
Either way, the journey to this magical island will be a great experience, as flying or sailing over the Cyclades comes with breathtaking views.