It was a marvelous celebration…Everyone was there who mattered. 320 guests travelled all the way from France to Antiparos, so they can be part of Charlotte and Matthew’s special night. They tied the knot under the blue sky and celebrated all night long with shining stars above their heads.

The celebration started two days before, with the couple hosting a welcome party to greet the guests, the little bars of Paros started to fill up with laughter and voices. Everyone was wearing a bracelet decorated with the typical Greek symbol, the blue Evil eye… They were gifts from the couple to “protect” their loved ones. The guests started to ease up and soon everyone became familiar with one another.

The day before the wedding, Charlotte and Matthew had a beach party at the famous beach of Antiparos, Soros With the great participation of the family, the event soon turned to a real life Mamma Mia, on Antiparos! The mother of the bride, inspired by Meryl Streep, wished all the happiness and joy in life for her one and only little angel. People were dancing and laughing, while a crew of 22 started working at the beach of Beach House.  A wooden dance floor, string lights and relax corners- setting them up kept everyone busy and excited for the spectacular result. Passion, joy, and motivation for a dream goal- our hearts were filled with these emotions.

On the wedding day everyone became excited. From 8 ‘o clock in the morning the crew changed people -decorators and florists slowly- slowly filled the place with beautiful items and blooming flowers. Hairdressers, makeup artists were jumping from one room to the other creating amazing hairstyles and spectacular makeups. Photographers and videographers were getting ready to fill up their memory cards with every precious moment they captured.

The catholic ceremony took place on Paros, the church was filled with emotions, tears… all from happiness for the newlywed couple.